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We work with leaders to achieve the extraordinary

Taking lessons from both the business world and from succeeding in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

Combining our experiences operating at ‘C’ Level for FTSE 250 Companies with the resilience, discipline and process to thrive in truly adverse conditions, we help individuals, teams and organizations to dare greatly, to strive well and to succeed.

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Christian and Jackson Mountain Hiking


Endeavour Team Member Christian


Christian is a qualified and accredited executive and leadership coach working with some of Europe’s leading commercial organizations to achieve challenging business and leadership objectives. Christian is an accomplished endurance racer and has lead teams on challenging expeditions and races worldwide.

Endeavour Team Member Jackson


Jackson is a UK Mountain Leader and keen Alpinist. He’s combined his passion for adventure with over 25 years working in senior leadership roles for global corporations. He loves to explore the synergies between high performance in business and personal challenge in the great outdoors.

Endeavour Team Member Harry


Harry is the Psychologist and a Functional Imagery Training™ (FIT) Practitioner for the team along side working as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS. A member of the British Psychological Society, he has completed numerous ultra marathons and endurance races worldwide and previously competed at an international level in martial arts.

Endeavour Team Member Edward


Ed is a BJTC accredited journalist and has published over 1,000 articles for national press platforms. Ed looks after all our communications and social media. A graduate of the University of Exeter and the University of the West of England, he loves adventure travel and is a keen historian of the cultures he visits.

High Performance

We take our unique experience to inject optimal performance into your business regardless of the conditions. Across our services, be it business or leadership consultancy, experiential coaching, team development or training services we keep a clear focus on achievement of big audacious goals by your leaders and teams. Building purpose, vision, alignment, action and resilience to achieve results.


We take teams, and offer open programmes for individuals, into the mountains to undertake personal and team performance coaching and leadership development expeditions. These can be built around our leadership fundamentals approach or tailored to your organisational requirements.

Creating opportunities for individuals and teams to connect in nature can be a powerful antidote to the kind of prolonged stress that is rising in the workplace. An example expedition could be three to five days in a remote mountain setting, along with peer and group coaching during hiking and other activities.

Participants come back from the expeditions feeling rejuvenated, both individually and as a group, and report that their sense of connection, cohesion, and performance continued when they returned to the office.

Personal Performance

We believe in the power of coaching. The impact of an experienced coach to sit (or walk) alongside a client acting as a partner providing challenge, context, a sounding board and, occasionally, a cheer leader cannot be understated.

We believe in clarity of action and the importance of the appropriate behaviours to achieve results. We work with our clients to clearly understand their reality, the organizations they work with, to emphasize what drives, motivates and inspires them as leaders. From this baseline we work together to clearly identify and maintain the objective of their coaching and to execute a plan to make it happen.

Leadership Development

‘Leaders are born, not made’
Trait Theory

We respectfully disagree.

While leadership might 'appear' easy for some we have seen with our own eyes the impact that developing skills, processes, competences and tools can have on creating leaders. Building confidence as a leader is key and we provide opportunities in the conference room and the mountains to build the know-how and confidence to be an effective leader.

We believe leadership is a deliberate act and that effective leaders act deliberately. We have supported leaders to be the best leaders they can be, in the style most authentic and sustainable for them as an individual.

Team Performance

High performing teams understand the fundamental building blocks for collective success. Whether in the conference room, the mountains or elsewhere we help teams develop a strong basis for success and performance through developing the vision, goals, values, behaviours, key activities, role clarity and accountability to foster trust and traction in teams.

We use best practice tools and techniques, tested in the business world and other arenas of high performance.

Business Consultancy
& Training

We provide tailored strategy and commercial management services and training in a way that fits your business needs.

We can support your business on a broad range of strategic, operational and tactical commercial matters from business planning, proposition development, negotiation, governance, compliance and dispute resolution.

Negotiation is a particular strength of the team. Providing expert support to your critical negotiations as well also providing training to create capable and effective negotiators in your business.

We partner with our clients in the planning, strategy, tactics and implementation of their negotiations, delivering benchmark strategic and financial outcomes.

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